Product Development

Our product team build advanced cyber security solutions for use with business critical SaaS products.


Our product roadmap prioritises security requirements derived from Compliance Managers, Information Security Managers & Chief Information Officers.


•  Identifying weaknesses in SaaS technologies.


• Developing capabilities to ensure ongoing compliance.


•  Adding security functionality that improves usability.


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InfoSec Consulting

As IT and Legal experts, we recognise that security concerns are a significant barrier to cloud adoption. The main cloud service providers’ platforms don’t provide all the protection they should.


The majority of 3rd party cloud security providers offer an inward looking security tool which prevent hackers accessing an organisation’s data in the cloud.


Few produce an outward looking security tool that keeps tabs on where data that leaves an organisation goes. This was of surprise to us given it is well known that the biggest cause of data loss and regulatory breaches is human error.


Our consulting team can help you plug that gap.

Mission Statement

Stopping shares ending up in places they shouldn’t.


Our vision was to ramp up the protection an organisation can put in place to prevent data leaks. Achieving this would save the significant costs and reputational damage associated with data loss, as well as preventing regulatory fines.

Our goal is to always strive to provide the outward looking cross platform security products required to harness the cloud.


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